Penzey Spices BBQ 3000

BBQ3000 Penzey Spices BBQ 3000

No, it’s not related to Andre 3000, but it’s just as awesome. Penzey’s Spices, makers of spice mixutres that could turn wet generic cat food into a gourmet meal with some mad cooking techniques, just came out with this barbecue rub. 14 ingredients went into this hand mixed batch of summer goodness. If you’re looking for something good to put on those veggies you are smart enough to grill up with your meat, look for Fox Pointe seasoning while you’re at their website and you’ll be really happy you did.
Penzey Spice’s BBQ 3000, available in many different package amounts, from 1/4 cup to one pound, $2.99-$18.10. You may want the pound after trying it. Check their store locater, maybe you’ll luck out and one will be nearby.

[Penzey Spices BBQ 3000]


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