Slimfold Wallet

slimfold Slimfold Wallet


The Tyvek SlimFold wallet is made of FedEx mailing envelope material. Trying to rip those envelopes is like trying to rip a phonebook in half.   This unique ultra strong, ultra thin wallet is made to fit in your front pocket your back pocket or wherever you need it.

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ringtool Ringtool

Ringtool is a multi-function tool made with minimal form.  Made from hardened and tempered stainless steel this little tool should last you a lifetime.  You can open a beer, make bike adjustments, put together furniture, and whatever else you need.  This is a great readily available in case of emergency tool.



SpitJack Deluxe Fireplace & Barbecue Gloves

spitjack SpitJack Deluxe Fireplace & Barbecue Gloves
Fire, Fire, Fire! If you love playing in fire but don’t like to get burned.  Throw on a pair of SpitJack Deluxe Fireplace & Barbecue Gloves for maximum protection.   It comes with  full palm reinforcement, kevlar stitching, extra foil laminated layer for peace of mind when you’re picking up those hot coals or flaming logs.

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Men’s Classics New Balance 1300

newbalance Mens Classics New Balance 1300

These classic New Balance running shoes are great for going to the club or just running around the city.   Either way you’ll look great doing it.
[Men’s Classics New Balance 1300]


Alo Studio Six Amplifier

alo Alo Studio Six Amplifier


No one can argue that even with all the advancements today with digital audio tech. there’s nothing that beats the sound of tube amps.  The natural warm sound quality has been a favorite for musiholics.  The Studio Six brings this kind of quality to your studio headphones.   This a great addition to your pro / home recording studio.

[Alo Studio Six Amplifier]


District Skates Boga

bogan District Skates Boga


This old school single kick design is handmade in the USA and made with reclaimed oak and maple core.



Hard Graft Frame1 Camera Bag

FRAME1 smoke feat Hard Graft Frame1 Camera Bag

Yet another awesome bag from one of our favorites hard graft, this time in a compact stylish camera bag.  This has a feel of those old time camera boxes from the 60’s and 70’s. Solid, and one of those bags that will last you a life time and beyond.

[Hard Graft Frame1 Camera Bag]


Williams-Sonoma Chef’n Panini Spatula

Screen Shot 2013 06 14 at 8.12.09 AM Williams Sonoma Chefn Panini Spatula


Designed for lifting and cutting grilled panini’s, this spatula has a wide platform is so versatile it’s not just for panini’s. It can easily lift any large sandwich off the grill.

[Williams-Sonoma Chef’n Panini Spatula]


Iron Maiden Beer

maiden Iron Maiden Beer


The day of reckoning has finally arrived. The Troopers have been sent out and they are delicious.  The Trooper Ale was developed by frontman for Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson and the experts at Robinsons Brewery.   Available late summer in the USA.

[Iron Maiden Beer]


Macbook Air 2013

air Macbook Air 2013

These just keep getting better and better. With a truly unbelievable battery life that touts 12hours of normal use and 10 hours of iTunes movies.  The MacBook air has the next-generation Intel Core Haswell processor and has a 45% increase in Wi-Fi speeds.  With improved memory, more storage, this travel companion is a must have

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